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"You're not meant to be broken. Hold on to that."

--- Tim Anderson



A health and fitness author, teacher, and doer

Tim is an author, speaker, teacher, and trainer in the area of movement education. His motto is “It feels good to feel good,” and he loves helping people learn how to feel amazing in their own bodies. Tim is also the creator of the Orginal Strength System, a system for restoring a person’s movement patterns.


He is passionate about Health Wholeness, focusing on the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). He teaches this wholeness through movement, humor, and an invitation to experience the wonder of your own body. 


Tim has authored several books, including Original Strength, Becoming Bulletproof, Pressing RESET, Habitual Strength, and Discovering You. He has also been featured in many news broadcasts and publications, and he has presented his Original Strength System all over the world. 

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