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What is Crazy?

Crazy is going against conventional wisdom.

It is choosing the road less traveled.

It’s carving your own way.

Crazy is feeling “the pull” and following it to do something different.

It is a hunch.

It is a leap of faith.

Crazy is against the grain.

It is uncomfortable.

It is not logical.

Crazy is not familiar.

It is an uneasy excitement.

It is the pulse of unexplained hope.

Crazy is crawling when you can walk.

It’s deciding to fly when you have no wings.

It is taking the chance for something better.

Crazy is the reach for something more.

It's not safe.

It’s not sane.

Crazy is bold and daring.

It’s thrilling yet soothing.

It is the color in a black and white world.

Crazy does what men cannot do.

It is a creative force.

It is the true reflection in a world of mirrors.


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