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Laugh with Me

We need to laugh more. All of us. Laughter is the best medicine for all our problems. Especially now that most of us have found ourselves in a very serious world. In fact, being too serious may be the cause of most of our problems. 

Being too serious feels like, well, it kind of feels like a mix of anger and worry. That’s probably because seriousness often comes from the fear of loss of something like finances, health, comfort, necessities, or status. When we hold onto such things too tightly, we tend to get pretty serious and become inwardly focused. As a result, we become “hot messes” of agitation and frustration. There’s an energy to this type of seriousness though, like a “grit in your craw” type of edgy energy. It doen’t necessarily feel good, but it does tend to drip adrenaline into the system. Because of this energy, many people tend to stay so serious. After all, it juices them a bit. You know what I’m talking about, you can often feel this energy surge in your center. 

Anyway, there is a cost to this “serious” energy. It tightens you up, sucks you into self-absorption, and it can make a Chicken Little or a curmudgeon out of you, or worse, a worried curmudgeon. 

Laughter is indeed medicine. It feels good. And it fills you with a different type of energy. Laughter feels like a mix of joy, freedom, and relief. It’s probably because laughter is a release and expression of your true nature. There is also a surge of energy that comes with laughter, like a shot of Life in your blood. It feels amazing. And if you laugh hard enough, true enough, it shakes your entire body from your very center, from the core of your being. This shaking releases tension in your body and toxins in your thoughts. It can literally shake sickness, stress, or seriousness right out of you, allowing you to appreciate everything and everyone around you. Laughter can set you free from pain, from worry, from sickness, and self absorption. Laughter allows you to live.

Life is really too short to take it so seriously but it is long enough to enjoy. There are events in life that have a certain gravity to them, some that do indeed cause pain, but if we can find a way to smile, even in the darkest times, we can find a way to heal from anything. 

I’ve made a small series of videos I call the Corona Chronicles. I’m just sharing them here in the hopes that they make you smile, even if only just a little. 

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