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Wonder Ponders

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

There are two things I’m always contemplating from the Bible. These two things drift in and out of my thoughts quite often if not daily:

  1. The notion that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and to enter it, you have to enter it like a child.


  1. “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

I’m not entirely sure why these are always on my mind. And for some reason, the way they dance in my thoughts, I equate them with vibrancy, energy, strength, contentment, fulfillment, and Life. I often feel like a character from National Treasure trying to solve a secret mystery that was hidden for the sole purpose of being found.

Anyway, this always has my attention and if it has your attention, even if only a little, and if you’re curious, I’m just going to share where my thoughts run. I think these thoughts are fascinating to ponder and they may spark further thoughts of wonder for you. These thoughts are not totally disjointed, but they are also not necessarily consistent in the stream of thought. But they may take you somewhere regardless.

What if children have so much energy because they are always living in the moment? They don’t live in the past or in the future. They are fully present and alive.

What if adults are so tired because they are living in the past, the future, or another time altogether? What if adults are “borrowing time” and therefore using stale energy?

What if fountains of living water spring up from NOW, this very moment? Children live in the wave of now, the rolling now, the constant now. They are aware of now. So their energy is vibrant, not necessarily because they are new to the world, but because they are present in the world.

Adults cling to past moments or worry about not yet moments. Adults dream of moments to come instead of waking to the moments that are. So their energy is in a stale, dreamlike state. Adults are not fully here and therefore they feel heavy, sluggish, and labored.

Children live now and so there is no filter on their energy. Life springs up from them in this moment.

And this is the Secret. Another way to say about this Secret is that Christ is in you, NOW. Or, if that bothers you, Chi or the All Spark is in you Now. This is the flow state. The Fountains of Living Water state. Now.

The Secret of all secrets, hidden inside of us. The Secret that tells us, “Do not worry about tomorrow. Sufficient is the day. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Within you. Right Now.”

What if we get so caught up in time that we miss the experience of Now?

What if we get so caught up in the IDEA of Heaven, we miss the experience of Heaven?

What if we’ve been so caught up in the IDEA of God, Universe, Light, Love, Source being “out there” that we  miss the experience of God actually being in us?

Are you still with me? Is this crazy? Is it too much?

My thoughts run still. Another thing children seem to have is joy. And I think that is “life in the Kingdom of Heaven.” The fountain of living waters is Joy, Joy without fear (yes, that is redundant but still seems like it needs to be said). Joy that is found in the Now. It’s an energetic, unspeakable joy that washes away all cares, all worries, all fears, all darkness. All that is left is lightness and LIGHT. It’s renewing, restoring, and freeing. It’s laughter, giggles, and excitement. It’s THE Secret. It’s Christ in You. It’s being how you always were, it’s being how you always are.

I’m going to stop here. My thoughts run deeper still but they out run my words.

Have you ever wondered about these things or anything like these things? I think one reason I enjoy thinking about these things is that there is a huge sense of Wonder that comes along with these ponders. They are Wonder Ponders, I guess. Anyway, they captivate me and I just wanted to share in the case that they may captivate you as well. Or make you a little thirsty at the very least. I believe there is a fountain of Life tucked away inside each of us. Right Now.


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