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We were made to have texture.

What I mean is that texture gives life depth and meaning. Texture is the contrast that enables us to understand and enjoy our lives, with all its highs and lows. Highs and lows, laughter and tears, they are texture.

Hang with me.

Do you know what makes chocolate so wonderful? Knowing vanilla.

Do you know why mountains are so beautiful and breathtaking? Because valleys and plains bow down to them.

Do you know what makes the energy of joy so amazing? The prick of sorrow.

The textures we experience are what makes life beautiful. The spectrum of emotions, the buffet of colors, the canyons and the mountains, the sand and the sea, the grass and the rocks, the sky and the clouds.

If we only knew sunshine, we wouldn’t know the beauty of clouds, or the relief of rain.

Texture is a gift. A gift that is easy to miss. Without texture we would be bored and we would likely take everything for granted. Without texture we would have no stories because there would be no adventures.

In a very shallow example, I know the value of a healthy pinky toe because I have broken mine twice.

In a deeper example, I know the gift of love because I have had to say goodbye forever.

We have physical senses to allow us to take in the texture of information. We have emotions to allow us to experience the texture of relationships. And we experience falls so that we may know the triumph of rising up.

Life has texture. And ultimately, it creates beauty.

A tear, a smile. A rose, a thorn. A birth, a loss. Ultimately, it’s all beautiful. Or it’s meant to be.

I’ll be honest. I don’t always like the texture I am experiencing. But I am learning to appreciate my experiences. I’m learning how to let storms come and go. I’m learning how to learn in the moment by letting go of my opinions of the moment, or by forgiving the mistakes of my past. I’m learning how to love during pain and how to hurt during love. I’m learning how to live a storybook adventure because of the textures that I get to experience.

If there is a point to this, I guess I’m inviting you to appreciate the depths of your life. The highs and lows, the firsts and lasts, the noise and the silence, the crying and the laughter, even the fear and the courage. Experience your adventure The more texture, the greater the story and the brighter the glory.


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