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Start Where You Are

One of the wonderful things about “moving” with Original Strength is that everyone can do it. These movements and patterns are in everyone’s nervous system. To be sure, not everyone can move the same as another person, we are all different and we are all at different places in our bodies, but we can all start where we are at and move from there. Wherever we are at, wherever we can start from, is a good place.

That’s one of our mottos: Start where you are.

However you currently move is great. Start there. But start.

If you want to feel great in your own body, if you want to optimize your body’s potential to feel great and move well, all you have to do is get started by tapping into your body’s original movement program.

It really is amazing how these simple movements can unlock our physical and mental potential. Restoring health and pain-free motion can be as simple as remembering how to breathe and moving your head. Establishing amazing posture can be found in the fun of rotating your body through rolling on the floor or finding a flow and rhythm through rocking back and forth on your hands and knees. Discovering superhuman strength and effortless movement can be found in the joy of crawling or skipping.

Beautiful, effortless, fluid power and strength are born from these simple movements.

You may look like an accident waiting to happen when you walk. You may breathe as if your lungs are in your neck. Your joints may ache and limit your movements. That’s all great. You are alive. You can breathe so you can move. Start there.

You may not move gracefully now. You may not move easily now. But you can - one day soon, if you start moving however you can now.

Often times, we are our only limitations. We find excuses, we hold on to memories in our minds and therefor store them in our bodies, we accept nonsense as fact, and we settle for illusions.

For most of us, the only thing stopping us from moving better and feeling better is us. We either don’t move, or we believe we are stuck with our circumstances, or both. That’s starting where we are in reverse and it only leads to more sorrow.

We were all made to move forward from every lesson, every circumstance and every now. Moving forward requires movement in thought and body. It takes effort, grit, and action. Which means we are perfectly suited to always move forward. None of us is weak. None of us are quitters. Those are choices, they are not identifiers. We are strength. We are forward goers.

If you don’t move well, you can. If you don’t feel good, you can. Let go of whatever says otherwise and start moving. Even if it’s only with a breath. Start breathing.

Use what your body will give you and start. Start from now. Every day.


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