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Advice for Timmy

Someone asked me if there was any advice or tips about life I wished I knew as I was entering my thirties. I thought about it a bit, and this is what I came up with. The truth is, this is advice I wish I could remember and practice today, well into my forties. Anyway, If I could travel back to meet younger Timmy, this is what I would tell him...

  • You are not what you do, for a living, or as a hobby.

  • It doesn’t matter how much weight you can lift, no one cares.

  • Glory is an illusion, it’s gone faster than it comes.

  • Don’t make exercise an idol. It won’t save you and it can’t.

  • Savor your time with your kids.

  • Forgive yourself - every single time.

  • Whatever it is, ask yourself if it is worth it?

  • Don’t be an ass. It’s a choice.

  • Be happy. It’s also a choice.

  • This will pass, you can heal. You will heal.

  • You have a purpose. Discover what it is.

  • Ask anything. Questions open the door for wisdom.

  • Don’t be afraid of opinions or the future. Don’t be afraid of anything. It’s a trap.

  • Learn the freedom and the adventure of taking an authentic breath.

  • Smile more.

  • Trust God. Trust the Universe. Trust.

  • You are enough. In all situations. In all possibilities. You. Are. Enough.

Like I said, there are days when I would do well to remember some of these things. Forty-five-year-old Timmy trips over different things than Thirty-year-old Timmy, but still there are bits of timeless advice Today’s Timmy would do well remember and practice. There may be a few tidbits in here for you, too. If it resonates with you, there may be something to it.


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